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'Sports do not build character, they reveal it.'


'Kick Off''....Innovative, Proactive & Dedicated to Rugby League                                  

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Ecstasy & how it affects the Brain





Ecstasy is chemically similar to 'Methamphetamine' & the hallucinogen 'Mescaline'. It produces increase energy, euphoria, emotional warmth, perceptual distortions in time, and tactile experiences. Its primary target is 'Serotonin'; largely responsible for mood & emotions, aggression, sexual activity, and sensitivity to pain. By flooding the brain with serotonin, ecstasy heightens emotional sensitivity which can result in overly demonstrative feelings of empathy, love & sexual desire. Unfortunately, it can produce confusion, depression, sleep disturbances and severe anxiety.....sometimes soon after taking the drug or even days or weeks afterward. Ecstasy also effects, though not as directly, those neurons containing 'Norepinephrine' & 'Dopamine'. As with most illicit drugs, MDMA can be 'cut' with a variety of substances; generally unbeknownst to the partaker. Many believe the colour of, &/or logo on the tablet indicates the constituents, however, as extraordinary as it seems, there are unscrupulous dealers & suppliers who 'misrepresent' their product! Ecstasy has been known to have had 'pseudoephedrine', 'caffiene', 'heroin', 'mescaline' and 'over the counter medicines' added in its manufacture. A point to remember! Ecstasy is not monitored by any 'consumer watchdog'.  




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"Kick Off' is a 'world first' program & service dedicated specifically to a sport....in this instance; the great game of Rugby League.



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