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News Alert for: mental health
20% of children suffering stress and depression: Liow
Malaysia Star
A study on mental health conducted in 2006 showed that 20.32% of children have mental health problems compared to just 13% in 1996, Liow said in his reply ...
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Mental health funding for Riverina
ABC Online
... Fellowship in Wagga Wagga will each receive $1.4 million funding for the next three years to continue its work in community mental health services. ...
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The World Outside Influences Our Physical And Mental Health
Most often, we fall sick because we don't hear what we wish to hear. It's amazing how we allow the outside world to influence our physical and mental health!
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News Alert for: depression

Biological link between stress, anxiety and depression identified for the ...
Scientists at The University of Western Ontario have discovered the biological link between stress, anxiety and depression. By identifying the connecting ...
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Exercise the Magic Pill for Anxiety and Depression
About.com: Health
Exercise may be the magic drug that helps alleviate depression and anxiety. Jasper Smits and Michael Otto (of Boston University) completed a review of the ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Book Review - The Everything Health Guide To Depression
Exploring how 'The Everything Health Guide To Depression' provides essential support on understanding depression types, symptoms and treatment.
Suite101: Self-Help Books Articles - http://selfhelpbooks.suite101.com/
Up in the air with my depression | Depression On My Mind
By Christine Stapleton
Last night I watched George Clooney's recent movie Up in the Air. He plays a traveling hatchet-man who flies hundreds of thousands of miles every year to.
Depression On My Mind - http://blogs.psychcentral.com/depression/
Depression Treatments – 5 Natural ways to combat depression ...
By admin
Depression is a common and widespread, provided that a large number of people at some point in their lives. Symptoms of depression - a feeling of sadness,
Depression - http://www.sisiorissa.org/

News Alert for: depression
Tool to fight depression
Times LIVE
The TM group was less likely to show signs of depression, the studies found. ''Clinically meaningful reductions in depressive symptoms were associated with ...
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High-risk teens all but ignored in depression advice
Sydney Morning Herald
The national depression agency's 127-page document includes just two sentences about gay adolescents, despite them having self-harm and suicide rates up to ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Chris Rock – Cure for Depression | Health Knowledge
Dr. Leonard Laxalt suggests an interesting approach to curing depression.
Health Knowledge - http://health.knowledgedd.com/
Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression | Baby Chums
By tiffanyb
In a new interview for Vogue, Gwyneth Paltrow opens up about postpartum depression and how her husband Christ Martin helped her recover from it. In the.
Baby Chums - http://www.babychums.com/

Blogs Alert for: mental health

Treat mental-health, addiction issues together: Report
Mental health and addiction problems often co-exist but are treated separately — which can mean poor.
The StarPhoenix - Health - http://www.thestarphoenix.com/health/

News Alert for: depression
Brain glitch may raise girls' risk of depression
USA Today
By Robert Preidt, HealthDay Young girls at high risk for depression appear to have a malfunctioning reward system in their brains, a new study suggests. ...
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How to Handle Depression After Cosmetic Surgery
Daily Break News
Depression after cosmetic surgery is more common than one might think. Some of this comes from the pain of the recovery period. ...
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Depression no excuse for bashing - judge
Herald Sun
A FORMER boxer's depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can't be used as an excuse for bashing an elderly man, a court has heard. ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Depression or Teenage Hormones? | Ask the Therapist
By Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW
How can I tell if I have depression or if I'm just a moody teenager? I've taken many online surveys before, including the SanityScore one, and they all say I.
Ask the Therapist - http://psychcentral.com/ask-the-therapist/

News Alert for: depression
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy split caused by depression?
Some tabloids are reporting and rumors are swilling that the famous couple split due to Carrey's long suffering battle with roller coaster like depression ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Depression and Evolution
Depression is commonly considered to be a mental illness; but evolutionary theory suggests that depression may actually be good for you.
Suite101: Personality/Anxiety/Mood... - http://personalitymooddisorders.suite101.com/
St John's Wort, Depression and Anxiety
St John's Wort can be used as an effective natural treatment for depression; however, clinical trials have shown that it is ineffective in treating anxiety.
Suite101: Natural Medicine Articles - http://naturalmedicine.suite101.com/
 News Alert for: mental health
OxyContin gets a safety makeover
Los Angeles Times (blog)
A recent report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration found that more than a half-million Americans began abusing OxyContin each ...
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Expert: Bullying a mental health problem
LINCOLN, Neb., April 8 (UPI) -- The public needs to be aware of the link between mental health issues and bullying, a US expert says. ...
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News Alert for: depression
Katie: Depression made me suicidal
The Press Association
Katie Price has told how the post-natal depression she suffered after giving birth to her son Junior in 2005 made her suicidal. The 31-year-old model, ...
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Star: McCarthy Dumps Carrey Because Of His Battle With Depression
According to a new report by Star Magazine, however, it is reported that McCarthy was forced to leave Carrey because of his problems with depression. ...
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Billie Piper opens up about postnatal depression
London (ANI): English actress Billie Piper has opened up about her struggle with postnatal depression following her son's birth. Piper, 27, who went through ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Depression is One of the Five Stages of Grief to be Processed
Depression is a challenging yet common stage of grief which can be moved through more easily with understanding, awareness and self-care strategies.
Suite101: Personal Development Articles - http://personaldevelopment.suite101.com/

Web Alert for: depression

Depression - InteliHealth:
Health information reviewed by Harvard Medical School. Includes a depression self-assessment, treatment options, intervention, information on high-risk ...
Ad Age: A Brief History of Marketing - Advertising Age - Ad Age ...
With the economy in a severe downturn, Time Inc. couldn't have picked a more challenging period for a launch (except maybe the Depression, when it started ...

News Alert for: depression
Why some people develop depression after experiencing stress
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): A new mouse model may provide some clues about what makes some people more likely to develop depression after experiencing stress. ...
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Omega-3s Tackle Depression
Natural Products Marketplace
A substantive body of research has investigated the connection between depression and omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs); more recent studies confirm ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Depression associated with sustained brain signals | ScienceBlog.com
Depression and schizophrenia can be triggered by environmental stimuli and often occur in response to stressful life events. However, some people have a higher predisposition to develop these diseases, which highlights a role for ...
ScienceBlog.com - Science Blog:... - http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/frontpage1

Blogs Alert for: mental health

Childhood Bipolar Disorder & Co-occuring Illness: Understanding ...
Bipolar disorder in children is identified as a mental health problem where other co-occurring conditions may also be present. As a result it is important that parents of children suffering from bipolar disorder are able to be totally ...
Suite101: Bipolar Disorder Articles - http://bipolar-disorder.suite101.com/
Phoebe Prince - Bullied To Death | Family Mental Health
By Erika Krull, MS, LMHP
Back in January, a fifteen year old girl named Phoebe Prince hung herself after being bullied by several students. This tragic story got big headlines recently.
Family Mental Health - http://blogs.psychcentral.com/family/

News Alert for: depression
Depression Cures Lies In Harry Potter Series
Teenage depression is a major concern and it's solutions is being worked on by many psychologist. An Australian psychologist, Julie Anne has found the ...
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Blogs Alert for: depression

Depression + boyfriend = ?!? - Psych Central Answers
I am 20 and I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14 after I attempted suicide. I spent 2 years on different medications because nothing seemed to work (attempted suicide another time while on meds). Now I'm in my third year of ...
Psych Central Answers | Recent Questions - http://answers.psychcentral.com/

Blogs Alert for: mental health

Mental Health Tips : How to Cope With Severe Depression | Health ...
Severe depression can be coped with by first exploring what thoughts and fantasies you have about your life. Discover how to.
Health Knowledge - http://health.knowledgedd.com/
Environmental Affects on Mental Illness - Mental Health ...
By Alan Green
Environmental Connections: A Deeper Look into Mental Illness states that although mental illness remains a biological "brain disease," it is influenced by environmental factors including infection, pollution, trauma, medications, ...
Mental Health Association of Nebraska - http://www.mha-ne.org/

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