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'Sports do not build character, they reveal it.'


'Kick Off''....Innovative, Proactive & Dedicated to Rugby League                                  

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 Kick Off...Mental Health for Rugby League

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The ‘Kick Off’ team has devised and formulated programs for the players and clubs that meet their specific needs. The Programs are certainly not onerous with respect to the detail and information disseminated and involves active participation from those attending. 


Our aim is to get the message across and you can’t do that if the structure and presentation is ‘stuffy’ and superficially ‘boring’ or excessively time consuming. 


At present the programs involve the following: 






We envisage introducing more programs as the service expands and these will be added as required. 


The issue of mental health, whilst not readily accepted by the vast majority of the general public, is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. 


The comparison could be drawn between the need for physical ‘training’ & ‘conditioning’ in preparation for playing football and the correlating need for psychological ‘training’ & ‘conditioning’ for life. There is no doubt that, until now, there has been little done to accommodate the latter. 



Please click on the following links for overviews of the current programs available.

Depression & Suicide   Alcohol   Drugs   Self Esteem   Relationships   Mentorship   Personality Disorders   Bipolar Disorder   Planning for the Future   Self Control & Anger Management   Being a 'Mate'


For more information regarding our programs, costs, details & scheduling, please contact us on 0411 609 556 or email programs@kickoff.net.au




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Kick Off 'Survey'

12 simple questions for essential feedback & service improvement


"Kick Off' is a 'world first' program & service dedicated specifically to a sport....in this instance; the great game of Rugby League.



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