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Sorensen Self-Esteem Test

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Self esteem is a core element of our very being. The level of self esteem (self appraisal, self worth etc.) varies between individuals and impacts upon our day to day existence and how we function in society and in our private lives. Many mental health illnesses & disorders can be largely resultant from, or involve matters regarding, self esteem; particularly low self esteem. In some cases, it might be the 'chicken or the egg' question, but self esteem will be implicated. It is an area that requires serious appraisal and 'self-assessment' and certainly that which should never be ignored. We strongly recommend you avail yourself of the information in this site regarding 'self esteem' either before or after completing the Sorensen Self Assessment Tool below.


Instructions: Click the 'yes' button next to the numbered question or statement that you find to be true. Your score will be displayed and explained at the bottom of the page. 


1.     I generally feel anxious in new social situations where I may not know what is expected of me.

2.     I find it difficult to hear critisism about myself.

3.     I fear being made to look like a fool.

4.     I tend to magnify my mistakes and minimize my successes.

5.     I am very critical of myself and others.

6.     I have periods in which I feel devastated and/or depressed.

7.     I am anxious and fearful much of the time.

8.     When someone mistreats me I think that I must have done something to deserve it.

9.     I have difficulty knowing who to trust and when to trust.

10.   I often feel like I don't know the right thing to do or say.

11.  I am concerned about my appearance.

12.   I am easily embarrassed.

13.   I think others are very focused on - and critical of - what I say and do.

14.   I fear making a mistake which others might see.

15.   I often feel depressed about things I've said and done, or things I failed to say or do.

16.   I have avoided making changes in my life because I was fearful of making a mistake or failing.

17.   I often get defensive and strike back when I perceive I am being criticized.

18.   I have not accomplished what I am capable of due to fear and avoidance.

19.   I tend to let fear and anxiety control many of my decisions.

20.   I tend to think negatively much of the time.

21.   I have found it difficult to perform adequately or without embarrassment when involved in sex.

22.   I'm one of the following: The person who reveals too much personal information about myself or the person who

                       seldom reveals personal information.

23.   I often get so anxious that I don't know what to say.

24.   I often procrastinate.

25.   I try to avoid conflict and confrontation.

26.   I've been told I'm too sensitive.

27.   I felt inferior or inadequate as a child.

28.   I tend to think that I have higher standards than others.

29.   I often feel like I don't know what is expected of me.

30.   I often compare myself to others.

31.   I frequently think negative thoughts about myself and others.

32.   I often feel that others mistreat me and/or take advantage of me.

33.  At night, I frequently review my day, analyzing what I said and did or what others said and did to me that day.

34.   I often make decisions on the basis of what would please others rather than on what I want of without even

                       considering what I want.

35.   I often think that others don't respect me.

36.   I often refrain from sharing my opinions, my ideas, and my feelings in groups.

37.   I sometimes lie when I feel that the truth would result in crticism or rejection.

38.   I'm fearful that I will say or do something that will make me look stupid or incompetent.

39.   I do not set goals for the future.

40.   I am easily discouraged.

41.   I am not very aware of my feelings.

42.   I grew up in a dysfunctional home.

43.   I think life is harder for me than for most other people.

44.   I often avoid situations where I think I will be uncomfortable.

45.   I tend to be a perfectionist, needing to look perfect and to do things perfectly.

46.  I feel too embarrassed to eat out alone or to attend movies and other activities by myself.

47.   I often find myself angry or hurt by the behaviour and words of others.

48.   At times I get so anxious or upset that I experience most of the following: heart racing or pounding, sweating;

                       tearfulness; blushing; difficulty swallowing or lump in my throat; shaking; poor concentration; dizziness,

                       nausea or diarrhoea; 'butterflies'.

49.   I am very fearful of criticism, disapproval, or rejection.

50.   I rely on the opinion of others to make decisions.


  YOUR SCORE    If you checked:   00-04  Statements....................You have fairly good self esteem

                                                              05-10  Statements....................You have mild low self-seteem

           (1-50)                                       11-18  Statements....................You have moderately low self-esteem

                                                              19-50 Statements.....................You have severely low self-esteem

It's important to realize that your score on this questionnaire in no way indicates that you are not a quality person. Instead what it does is to measure how you view yourself. If you have a healthy view of yourself, your score will be low. If your view of yourself is unhealthy, your score will be high.

Be aware that it will be difficult to raise children with healthy self-esteem, if you yourself suffer from low self-esteem.  Without realizing it, you will pass on the attitudes, fears, and thinking that accompany low self-esteem.

Copyright © 2006, Marilyn J Sorensen

All Rights Reserved.

This questionnaire may be distributed or reproduced, but must remain unchanged.


At present this assessment is not available for 'on-line' submission, though it may be printed out & completed should you wish to do so. If you establish you have 'low self-esteem' and this concerns you or you'd like to explore the issue, treatment or therapy options in order that your self esteem problems might be addressed, please contact us by phone or email selfesteem@kickoff.net.au . You may also contact your GP or other organisation that might help. Remember, low self esteem can be the 'root cause' for many problems experienced & behaviours exhibited. To ignore LSE will only perpetuate these and the associated issues.

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