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'Sports do not build character, they reveal it.'


'Kick Off''....Innovative, Proactive & Dedicated to Rugby League                                  

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 Kick Off...Mental Health for Rugby League

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Mental Health for Rugby League

'The complete survival guide'

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 Mental Health for Rugby League


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 *Cover design for illustrative purposes only


Contents include........


        Bipolar Disorder 
          Drugs (types, use & abuse) 
            Alcohol (use & abuse) 
                Personality Disorders 
                  Developmental Processes 
                    Coping Mechanisms 
                      Problem Solving 
                          ADHD, AADD, ODD 
                              Self Esteem 
                                Treatment Options 
                                  Therapy Types 
                                    Anxiety & Anxiety Disorders 
                                            Junior League 
                                              Loss & Grief 
                                                Being a 'Mate'  


                                                The concept behind 'Mental Health for Rugby League' is to encapsulate those aspects of Mental Health and 'Life Issues' that may be considered relevant to the sport and those entities involved; with the aim of providing a reference tool or text book from which education, assessment, strategy implementatiion and evaluation might be possible. The other pertinent aspect is the provision of an overall picture for all those with a vested interest; be they administrators, coaches, trainers & conditioners, sponsors, parents, schools and of course the players themselves.

                                                After considerable 'searching' there appears to be no such book or reference tool for any sport, anywhere in the world. There is ample information relating to each of the individual pieces of subject matter contained in 'Mental Health for Rugby League' , though little to none of it is specific to a sport or compiled in such a manner. There are also books and other material that involves sports' psychology, though it tends to focus on performance issues, rather than overall mental health. Similarly, specific approaches in psychological literature provides minimal 'neuro-physiological or biochemical factors' that might be considered realistic in high energy, body contact sports.


                                                 Mental Health needs of Sport, in particular, Rugby League


                                                • Education on matters involving key areas of Mental Health, behaviour, illness & 'life' in general 
                                                • Greater awareness of the significance of Mental Health (and more particularly 'ill-health'); with 'self assessment' tools & 'risk identification' 
                                                • Basic answers to common questions 
                                                • A means of 'humanizing the product' (the sport) 
                                                • Answers &/or direction pertinent to those 'hidden' problems & 'deep seated' issues 
                                                • De-stigmatisation of 'Mental Health issues & illnesses' 
                                                • Greater understanding of treatment options & types 
                                                • Addressing of the needs in areas such as 'Depression & Suicide', society's 'silent killers' 
                                                • The need for information & educaiton regarding drugs & drug abuse (performancing enhancing, recreational, prescription & illicit substances) 
                                                • Information specific to the sport and therefore able to be more easily related and understood 
                                                • Educational material relevant to ALL those involved with the sport 
                                                • The need to address the 'negative' exposure of behaviour 
                                                • The need to satisfy the public's expectation of active, sincere attention to the problems the player is seen to be exhibiting 
                                                • The need for sponsors to believe that association with Rugby League is distinctly positive for commercial purposes 



                                                Difficulties in current material & information available:

                                                • Not specific to a sport 
                                                • Not specific to a culture or society; or Australia per se 
                                                • Not encompassing the relevant areas pertinent to Rugby League 
                                                •  Not easily accessible 
                                                • Not found in any 'centralised source' 
                                                • Not longitudinally applicable; that is from Juniors through to Senior grades 
                                                • Not applicable to all those involved; parents, players, coaches, administrators (at all levels), medical staff, trainers & conditioners, referees, sponsors, schools, government health & sports agencies 
                                                • Not with the aim of forming the foundation for education, development & improvement; being simply 'information based' 



                                                The benefits of a 'text book'/'reference tool': 

                                                • Useful for increased knowledge & awareness of Mental Health issues 
                                                • A basis for education & educational strategies 
                                                • Allows everone to 'be on the same page'; without too many differing opinions and potentially ineffective, divergent approaches 
                                                • An easily accessible point of information 
                                                • Sport specific or 'target group specific' 
                                                • Apllicable to a complete range of ages & level of participation; parents & those overseeing the development of the individual; administrators of the game; coaches, trainers etc.; sponsors, media & the general public and all those with peripheral contact and involvement 
                                                • A 'World first'; innovative & proactive; allowing Rugby League to be at the forefront of 'Sports Mental Health' 


                                                It is a fact that the public's interest in the game has increased; that ground attendances have improved and that the negative media overage has, if anything, created a greater fascination with players, their lives & behaviour and, consequentially, the game itself.

                                                One could possibly assume that the complete eradication of the 'bad behaviour' might result in less publicity, interest and so on, but the 'bottom line' is exactly that; the bottom line. Publicity & public fascination as a result of 'behavioural matters' is to a large degree irrelevant, given the sustenance of the game involves sponsorship & financial input and assistance. Those in these areas do not want their image or their businesses' image, image or personal image, tarnished by the subliminal association with the negatives of the game.

                                                Similarly, the clubs, coaching staff & fans expect the 'best' from the player in the area of performance. Mental health isues, substance use & abuse and personality/behavioural issues impinge upon the individual players' capacity to optimise their potential or peak performance and behave to that which is required of the league and the general public.


                                                The benefits of Mental Health education & strategies for the game: 

                                                • The basis for meeting current issues of concern & preventative measures for possible future problems 
                                                • The foundation for the implementation of strategies to limit the development of issues later in an individual's life 
                                                • Greater opportunity for improvement in, not only, performance on the field, but also behaviour off the field 
                                                • Aids in the development of the virtues of the sport and the positive image of the game 
                                                • Direction for those experiencing issues that might seem a weakness or are deeply distressing 
                                                • Improved relationships; improved & realistic self esteem 
                                                • Direction for parents in their care of the prodigious talent or aspiring player 
                                                • Reduction in the manifested mental health illnesses and mental health problems 
                                                • 'Pro-active', not 'reactive' 

                                                Coming Soon.........


                                                Mental Health for Rugby League

                                                'Players' Edition'

                                                Players Edition


                                                 *Cover design for illustrative purposes only



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                                                "Kick Off' is a 'world first' program & service dedicated specifically to a sport....in this instance; the great game of Rugby League.



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